Starting with the business challenge
executive coaching
Our approach helps clients define and address even the most challenging problems facing their executives and high-potential managers. Our coaches use a proven process to effect change, build leadership skills, and achieve results.

Assess goals: We begin by creating a safe and confidential coaching environment to ensure that diagnosis is based on an accurate foundation of information. We assess strengths, identify skill gaps and diagnose the underlying causes of any career-limiting behaviors.

Challenge and experiment: Next we explore pressing challenges in the leader’s immediate work environment, encouraging the leader to experiment with behaviors outside the comfort zone. Our unique situation-based approach enables leaders to achieve immediate measurable improvement while creating the motivation to make more permanent behavioral changes.

Measure and support: Finally, we support the development and maintenance of new behaviors through ongoing coaching. Progress is tracked against objectives and adjustments are made to maintain momentum and achieve lasting results for the individual and for the organization.

Through this program, even the most skeptical leaders can improve their ability to:
  • Manage teams and projects effectively
  • Inspire loyal and committed team members
  • Deliver feedback effectively
  • Demonstrate greater empathy
  • Work more collaboratively with others
  • Assert appropriately to expand influence
  • Deepen trust-based relationships with clients and customers
  • Handle difficult relationships and engage in appropriate conflict as necessary
  • Make and implement difficult but critical decisions
  • Delegate using situational leadership
  • Find balance in the workplace without sacrificing quality